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February 12, 2007


Anil Mammen

Lot of sharp, sensible questions here, Dave. These are not only tough questions to ask but are much tougher to answer. A majority of the current learning programs are built today without answers to many of these questions. However, it is quite possible that in organizations that encourage self-directed learning and where critical knowledge and strategic directions are not restricted to a select few, the answers might automatically emerge and might be visible for all those who wish to learn.

dave lee

Thanks Anil: I agree that most programs haven't taken the time to answer these questions. I also agree that the answers often aren't easy provide. I'd suggest that these two statements are very often related. We have a hard time asking questions when we know that the person we are asking the question of will have a difficult time answering.

Where does this hesitation come from? People who ask questions that other people can't readily answer are often labeled boat rockers, trouble makers and insubordinates. That's why I mention that some of these question require us to work on our political standing before we can ask them. Otherwise, we can risk our jobs or our promotability if we ask the wrong person.

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