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January 12, 2007


Tom Haskins

Great post! Thanks for tieing in so many facets of changing.

I've found I make my own experience with change worse by thinking myself into a performance context. Then I'm telling myself "I'm already supposed to know this stuff", "Mistakes mean I'm not what I say I am", "There's no time or slack for me to learn as I go", "I'd better be on top of my game from the start or expect repercussions".

When I can think myself into a developmental context, I can jump into that constantly changing river that Heraclitus saw insightfully. Then I'm telling myself "Nobody has this figured out and I'm as good a learner as the others", "Mistakes mean I'm debugging my mental model and preventing future errors", "There's no way to avoid learning as I go", "I'd better have my head in the game to get to the top of my game sooner, instead of later".

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