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October 28, 2006


Vicki Davis

Notice in my instructions, you do not need to use profanity to drive traffic. If you type about learning and education and use profanity the "filter monsters" will get you and you will be unable to reach the audience you are attempting. And once your blocked, you're blocked. So, if you want to reach number 6,500 like I am, leave the profanity at the door and use generally accepted vocab.

However, what you do on your blog is your business!

dave lee


my apologies to you and anyone else who may have taken offense to my use of a word that you consider to be profanity. i have long admired your blog and, honestly was thrilled to see your name appear in my recent comments list.

i honestly was quoting from a scene from the steve martin movie the jerk. in the movie the character is seeking some affirmation that he matters in the world, that he exists. when he moves out on his own and gets a phone, the presence of his name in the public listing of the phonebook sends him into a celebration that he celebrates with his only companion in life - his dog who bears the name which is the word you indicate the filters will find offensive.

it truly is a profound and comic moment in the film. i referenced it both to indicate my excitement of breaking into the top 100,000 but also to poke fun at myself for being excited about something so immaterial to my true self worth. martin's point in his scene.

you do put forward an interesting conundrum. either i censor myself so the filters (which I didn't know existed) will let me freely climb to the heights of blogosphere fame or i speak freely and let the filters censor me and condemn me to obscurity.

Brent Schlenker

I LOVED the JERK and totally got the joke! Nobody is scolding Kathy Sierra and she swears like a sailor at times! But it fits.
Blogging is about your voice, not what those silly blogging "experts" ramble on about how to get better rankings. We read your blog because it adds value to the elearning conversation.

Live Answering Service

I love how manage to make that title so funny.

Ben Cliff

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