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October 28, 2006


Harold Jarche

Given what you say here, Dave, you should be called a specialist in o-learning (O for open-minded). Like you, I think that all learning professionals should understand the technologies that they could be using.

You may be open-minded about trying and adopting new technologies, but too many educators and trainers have decided that they are not into this technology thing, so they ignore it. That makes them more vulnerable to the hucksters selling technology for technology's sake. Perhaps the term e-learning scares them off? I don't really know.

I came to this field as a military training development officer who had to figure out real quickly how flight simulation was developed and shortly thereafter if CBT was an option for training aircrew. I didn't know anything about technology-mediated training, but had been a classroom trainer for at least a decade before. Luckily, I was forced into learning about new new technologies for training because my bosses needed the right advice.

So, how about we start a new field called o-learning ;-)


You may or not be weird - I think that may be beyond the scope of this discussion. ;-) I do think we should be concerned with technologies (in the broadest sense of the word) - to include techniques, methodologies and new modes of thinking. I also think we should be concerned with 'learning' and how we use it and how we understand it and I think that these conversations are not trivial at all but instead reflect a continuing effort on our part (speaking for a whole industry here) to define the foundational stones of our still young profession. Kudos to you and Harold for having it.


dave lee

harold and mark:
thanks for your comments. harold i think i'll have to pass on o-learning. given what nasa (o-rings) and the porn industry have done to its reputation, i think "e" is a safer bet. ;-)

you do raise an interesting point regarding people fearing elearning. it raised a number of things in my mind so i've responded in a new post.

mark, your comments about technology just being an integral part of what we do rings true for me. i've never understood the common practice of considering the technology separate from the content. it happens all the time. i would have thought that the colossal failure of "shovelware" would have convinced more people that they must be thought of as integrated and dependent upon each other.

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