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October 02, 2006



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Yep, he sure did....

Dion Bennetto

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Good analysis. I've had th is on my mind lately, but I don't draw a lot of comments so dealing with the issue hasn't been a priority to me. I've been trying to avoid posting formal terms of service in the standard legalese because it evokes an atmosphere I'd like to avoid. But I will revise my templates and terms today to make matters a little more clear.

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haha, i doubt it. he did fight in the war though!

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Stephen Hackett

My Great Grandfather did in fact write a series of diaries which a now held in the Imperial War Museum.

They consisted of his experiences in the First World War. One day I plan to actually go and read them since as a direct relative I would be allowed to have them to read.

As to whether everyone should blog, I agre entirely that it is not for everyone.

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For better or worse, blogging is the new way of communicating via writing. Some people like it and some do not. At least you have something published...albeit on the web.


Blogging now is good, its the best way to communicate,express your feelings and share you stories to people on the web. Our generation is more on technology, computers and internet community. So blogging is very important.

I dont care if someone dont like it :)


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You should be very creative to write such a thing. yes, you can write some peace of shit, but that wouldnt be so interesting for yout grandson, especially than they try to sleep.

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Great post, I once started a blog but found that I couldn't keep it up after a short while as my busy lifestyle doesn't leave me with enough time to write original content! Good on you for doing it though.

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Hey everyone. Interesting idea for a blog. I have been checking out a lot of blogs and forums recently. Some are really informative some are entertaining and some are a real crack up. I've got to admit it, good job on this blog, I'll be sure to look in again real soon.

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