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August 13, 2006


Jim Belshaw


Maister's comments drive to the heart of what I was trying to get across in my comments on people management in professional services firms - and link to my informal learning comments.

His most important point is the last.If your performance management systems just focus on individual numbers, then training must fail. As must any other form of performance improvment extending beyond the individual.

Dave, I have to suddenly cook tea so that daughter can get to the play she is performing in. Will add more a little later.


Jim Belshaw

Jim Belshaw

Dave, briefly finishing my comment.

You wrote: "to me, this so clearly points to the need for the learning/training function and the performance management function within a company working in a very coordinated fashion if not merged into one business process."

I think that this strikes to the heart of the issue. Your other comments are well taken too.

Thank you for this throughtful post.

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