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December 05, 2006


Tony Karrer

I've enjoyed working with you as well Dave. So, what happened the first week of the workshop?

dave lee

well, tony, for various reasons i believe it's a tale for jay to tell, but i'll leave it at we made some assumptions and tried a approach that just blew up in our faces. nobody was happy. it was a worst case scenario for a beta. but at least it was a beta test. everyone knew that we were just testing a grand experiment and, because of it being a beta, they were able to be patient.

jay's openness to feedback, willingness to abandon key assumptions, wide reaching knowledge, and shear determination and self-confidence led to a process of constant revision throughout the rest of the course. At the end of the course, the feedback was unanimous that the time and money was well worth the benefit.

More importantly, i know that four of the seven participants have been applying the knowledge they gained in the beta in their day-to-day activity. i haven't had contact with the other three since the course, so i can't say whether or not they are benefiting from the course.

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