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August 14, 2006


Brent Schlenker

Hi Dave,
thanks for the link. I love the title to this post. I just spend an hour with a close friend "showing" her web2.0 and what made it truly click for her was understanding RSS and "aggregation" via netvibes. I'm beginning to find that many people understand one piece of the web2.o puzzle, like blogs, but does take some encouragement and "showing" to help people see the possibilities of the big picture.
Good stuff!

dave lee

thanks brent. i'm a metaphor man from wayback. it only makes sense that people get a piece of web 2.0 to start with. we did the same, although those of us at the cutting edge didn't have to deal with taking this all in all at once. we had a little bit of time to figure out blogs, before wikis began to emerge. then rss took off then mash-ups and folksonomies and tagging and social networking. i'm kinda glad i got started early!

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