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July 23, 2006


Jim Belshaw

Dave, I found the US/Australia chart very interesting.

The first two bars, posted a blog and added information to own web site has the US in front.

The second two, added information to a work or group web site or blog and shared on the internet created content, had Australia in front.

If I read the chart correctly,the US is in front on do your own thing, Australia appears to be in front in contribute to someone else's thing.

The age thing is interesting. I think that there are in fact three quite different age groups. I might do a post on this on my personal blog,cross-reference back to you.

dave lee

jim: i realy hadn't looked at the US/Australian split from a character standpoint, but you're dead on in that analysis. That rugged individualism of the US vs. a more collaborative character of you Australians fits with my experience.

Nbkvqhn x

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