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March 18, 2006


Jay Cross

Long live surfing! The delight of discovering a new nugget keeps me hopping to new sites every day. Good post, Dave.

Mike B

I think the nature of the web has changed dramatically in the past several years. When I first started surfing the web, I would visit a page of a friend and immediately look for their list of favorite sites. I would visite the sites and follow links to other sites. I would also look for webrings and visit each member site.

Now, it seems like there are more organized sites and fewer lists of favorites. I haven't seen a webring in a long time. I still find new sites, but most are based on reading news or blogs.

With the advent of advertising on the web, people are sometimes afraid to link to related sites because it would draw business away from their website which makes it harder to truely surf from one site to the next.

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