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September 20, 2005


Harold Jarche

First, I agree that HPT is an excellent lens to approach training & development. I have used HPT methods and tools for the past ten years and they have not failed me. HPT is not the only approach but my practice shows that it's rather useful.

As a CPT myself, I'm not sure about its value. ASTD just dropped out of the arrangement with ISPI, so being a CPT may be a harder sell in the future. I have found that the re-certification requirements are much too expensive, involving attendance at a minimum of three conferences. For me, on the east coast of Canada, re-certification is about $10K (it will be cheaper for someone based in a major US city). I can't afford it and will let it slide. Also, I have found in the past three years that being a CPT has not brought me any more clients or better rates. My clients haven't got a clue what a CPT is anyway.

On the other hand, I think that the requirements for becoming a CPT are excellent and a great way to prepare onself as a performance consultant. If you're doing it for purely professional development purposes, then go for it. The ROI for an independent consultant is less obvious.

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